Implementation of e-Payment System: The e-Payment System has successfully implemented in all the Pay & Accounts Offices of this Ministry. Now all the payments to Suppliers etc. and to Government servant other than salary etc. are being made through Electronically Signed Payment advices.

Draft Chapters of CPWA Code: The Central Public Works Account Code - 1993 edition is under revision and revised Draft Chapters have been placed for comments of the Departmental Officers / General Public.

Electronic Scroll: At present scrolls are received in physical form from the focal point  branches of the three accredified Bank. Feeding all the scrolls manually into COMPACT takes lot of time. Thatís why; CCA is working in co-ordination with our banks and NIC for development of electronic scroll from focal point branch. Once the electronic scroll format and its patch for integration in to COMPACT is ready, then PAOs can directly upload the scroll sent by banks into COMPACT. This will eliminate tardy process of feeding individual entries and also eliminate errors by minimising human intervention. This is in development stage and pilot will soon be conducted at PAOs in Chennai & New Delhi.

Integration of Division's Account with COMPACT: CPWD Divisions accounts are compiled in Nirman Jyoti Package and PAOs Accounts are compiled in COMPACT. These programmes have been developed by different bodies. Therefore, for faster & timely submission of accounts, these two programmes must be integrated. In co-ordination with NIC, CCA is developing a patch for integration of Division Accounts with PAOís Accounts. Once this patch is ready, then PAO can directly upload Divisionís Accounts into COMPACT. This will eliminate lengthy process of feeding Transfer Entries and also take care of Form - 51 Reconciliation (i.e. PWD cheques & remittance reconciliation). This patch has already been tested at PAO (SZ), Chennai and requires some minor rectifications before it is extended to all the PAOs.

Monitoring of Expenditure through Accredited Bank: CCA has introduced a new system of Letter of Credit (LOC), under which LOC would be issued under 15 Heads to the Divisions. This will be monitored head wise by the bank branches. This will help CCA in diversion of fund from one head (where the budget is available) to another head (where budget is not available). The drawing officer would indicate the relevant head on the cheque for which he is making the expenditure. The data captured through the cheque would help in generation of online MIS which would give CCA a ready Plan / Non-plan break up and Revenue / Capital break up.

New Banking Arrangement: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) through its circular had intimated that they have decided to exit from the retail banking business. This was done keeping in view the facts that RBI wanted to focus on its core banking area and also growing security concern at RBI Buildings.

Therefore, the Ministry decided to switchover to other bank for its transactions. UTI Bank Limited was selected for transactions of the Ministries business (i.e. Secretariat of Ministries of MoUD & MoUEPA), IDBI Bank was selected for transactions of Department of Printing & Stationary and State Bank of India (SBI) was chosen for transactions of Central Public Works Department (CPWD).

These banks have offered a number of value added services in addition to conducting Governmentís business. They have offered host of benefits on salary accounts like no minimum balance requirement, no charges on bank drafts, at par and customised cheque books, free ATM cum Debit card etc. Apart from these IDBI has committed to play an advisory role for switchover of accounting system from proforma accounts to commercial accounts in printing presses.

UTI Bank Limited has committed to provide an on-line web based MIS System for Land & Development Office (L&DO) and Directorate of Estates (DoE). They have also offered to help in collection of fees, rental, penal charges etc for L&DO and DoE.

SBI has also committed to extend web-enabled MIS for CPWD on all India basis. CCA have also introduced a new system of issuance and monitoring of Letter of Credit (LOC) to CPWD divisions under 15 heads. Under this system, LOC issued to CPWD divisions will be monitored under 15 heads. This will help CCA in checking the frequent diversion of fund by CPWD Divisions from one head to another and also help CCA in generation of online MIS on all India basis under the 15 digits nomenclature. SBI had also helped CCA in making few amendments in existing LOC software. SBI has also committed to provide all the scrolls in electronic format and help CCA in its development. SBI shall also be responsible for centralised dispatch of LOC to all CPWD divisions across the country. This will be done electronically directly to the dealing branches by the nodal branch (i.e. Nirman Bhawan Branch) through a secured system. This will reduce the time in transmission of LOC.