Chief Controller of Accounts (CCA) is overall in charge of the Budget, Payment & Accounting functions for the two ministries i.e. Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) & Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA). The Secretary of the each Ministry is the Chief Accounting Authority and performs these functions with the help of Joint Secretary & Financial Advisor and Chief Controller of Accounts. 

The Chief Controller of the Accounts is the Head of Department of Payment and Accounting Organisation. He is assisted by two Controllers of Accounts, four Deputy Controllers of Accounts and 28 Pay & Accounts Officers.  The Payment and Accounts function of this Ministry is performed through 13 Pay and Accounts Offices (PAOs); 6 are situated in New Delhi, 2 in Chennai, 2 in Kolkata, 2 in Mumbai and one at Shillong. In order to discharge the budget, finance and accounts functions in Department of Printing and CPWD, representatives of the CCA are posted in these departments as Finance officers (FOs) and Divisional Accountants (DAs). These FOs and DAs are under the administrative control of the CCA. There are 16 FOs and about 350 DAs. There are in all about 429 spending units in the Ministry, of which 319 are cheque signing units (CDDOs) and 110 are non-cheque signing units (NCDDOs).   

The Chief Controller of Accounts is on various Boards and Consultation Committees of the Ministry, including the Central Works Board, which examines and approves projects costing beyond Rs 5 Crores and certain exceptional Cases that are referred to the Board.